WinTariff is a professional application whose purpose it to help you collect data about PBX (private branch exchange) telephone calls, such as phone call, duration, dialed number, date and time of the phone call, and other useful details.

Based on the processed information, the utility is able to perform various calculations for improving the usage of your resources and build up detailed reports about calls.

The layout is clean, and you can view details about all calls, such as time, date, CO-line, duration, extension, account code, transfer, and price. There are also several handy filters embedded right in the main window for helping you view all calls, national or incoming calls, top calls (longest), or sort data by the structure of the company.

WinTariff automatically collects the information about your phone calls and reveals it in the primary window. Plus, it offers support for motel/hotel package included in the tool as standard for helping you monitor your clients’ check in and check out.

The utility enables you to build up reports that may include information about the top calls (duration), top calls (price), account code (detailed or summarized), dialed numbers, hourly activity, or other details. You can preview or print the reports, or export them to PDF, FRP, HTML, RTF, or CSV file format.

What’s more, you can save raw data to XLS, DBF, TXT, XML, or CSV file format, and create statistics with comprehensive graphs by date, call duration, account code, zone, overlapped calls, or other criteria.

WinTariff comes packed with a large database that comprises telephone codes for various cities and countries, and lets you manually add tariffs for the countries that you want to adjust the conversation cost.

Other handy options worth being mentioned are represented by the possibility to move the current calls to ZIP archives (this option deletes all calls in the database), configure several parameters related to PBX (e.g. manufacturer, communication channel, port, speed, parity), store only calls longer than a custom time, as well as edit the reports with the aid of a rich-featured editor.

Last but not least, you are allowed to provide details about your company’s structure, specify the names for the CO-lines, alter the currency, hide or replace number prefixes, send email notifications, as well as set up a master password.

All in all, WinTariff proves to be a powerful application that comes bundled with a decent suite of features for helping you manage your PBX calls, so you can monitor incoming and outgoing calls, and generate customizable reports, statistics, and graphs.