Winter 3D Screensaver displays a video on your desktop of a countryside in the winter. The camera moves around the location showing different parts of the environment with music accompanying the various scenes. The scenes are very picturesque and are clearly designed to invoke a sense of relaxation and calm in the user.

The screensaver alternates between different scenes and explores the environment well, giving the user the impression of a complete area. There are no shortage of details including a snowman, chopped wood by the houses and smoke coming from the chimneys. Any user looking for a pleasant scene will not be disappointed however the graphics are dated with clear texture clipping in some places.

The overall effect though does provoke curiosity, several users may enjoy watching the screensaver to see all of its locations and different camera angles. There are visual effects that the user can customize included, with the amount of snow and the wind speed being changeable. This means that the feel of the environment and the impression it leaves a user with can be edited more than a basic video.

The user is presented with a wide array of resolution options, which should conform to most desktop monitors. However, the graphical slider that is available in the settings menu only edits the amount of gamma and there are no other contrast or brightness options available.

Other features such as the ability to have the time displayed in different formats is welcomed and means the screensaver can serve a function other than just beauty on a users desktop.

Winter 3D Screensaver provides users with an attractive and more interesting screensaver option for a user looking for something more unique. The screensavers dated graphics and lack of interactivity though may be a concern for some, it is still a relaxing and more appealing choice than any standard screensaver.