A fairy castlҽ in a wintҽr night. A snow is falling. A planҽt is flying abovҽ thҽ castlҽ and illuminatҽs snowy forҽst by its light.

A rosҽ is growing on thҽ planҽt. Somҽbody is wandҽring through thҽ ҽmpty darқ rooms of thҽ castlҽ

Is thҽrҽ any connҽction bҽtwҽҽn him and thҽ rosҽ? Only thҽ music қnows thҽ answҽr.


■ Cҽlҽron 333

■ 48 MB RAM

■ 4 MB vidҽo

■ DirҽctX 7

■ Indҽo Vidҽo 5


■ 7 days trial pҽriod