Copyright infringement remains one of the most stringent programs on the Internet, and while only professionals may experience in a severe way, that does not mean that regular users should not be concerned with the issue.

WinWatermark Video Edition is one of the tools both these categories could resort to in order to protect their creations by applying watermarks putting an emphasis on the real holder.

First things firsts, it is worth saying that the program requires no complicated setup in order to get it to run on your PC and help you protect your videos from unlawful appropriation.

As mentioned, the program comes in handy to users working with videos they want to make sure will not be spread and eventually lost on the Internet without their permission.

The way the program works is by first asking you to create a library containing all the videos you want to stamp and that you will see on the left side of the main window. Note that adding these files can be done via the “File” menu or drag and drop. What’s more, there is also the possibility of importing videos from your connected devices, including SD cards, handsets, and cameras.

Besides, you can use your webcam in order to get that clip and instantly process it once the recording session is complete.

In order to make sure you are applying changes to the right video, there are some basic playback controls, namely Play, Pause, and Stop.

At this point, all that’s left for you to do is choose the type of watermark you want to add to your clip, with two options being put at your disposal. You can choose between text and images.

If you go for the former, typing in the text you want to see on your video is all you need to do. However, you can also select the font style, size, and color, as well as the position of the watermark within the video. The opacity can also be adjusted using a bar, and the same apply to image watermarks, which also come with a series of predefined choices you could explore if you don’t have a tailor-made one.

However, the application is not all about restrictions imposed to videos. To be more specific, it also enables you to share them online with your friends on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, as well as via email.

On an ending note, WinWatermark Video Edition is a handy software utility for users who want their videos to be safe on the Internet. It helps you apply both image and text watermark in order to tag videos as your own, all while also letting you share them online with your friends.