Wirelends is a VPN tool that brings along some atypical features users might be interested in. What differentiates it from similar products is the fact that it relies on another user’s Internet resources in order to access restricted content.

In other words, the program is capable of using a remote PC as a gateway, which means that all the content said computer can view is available to you as well.

The program features a compact and easy-to-configure GUI that displays your ID and password in the main window so that you can easily share them with other people. Just below these details you can allow or block access to your PC, local network, and Internet.

Other configurations you can try your hand at are related to the automatic or manual port selection. Aside from that, you can enable unattended access by setting up a password.

Revealing this data to another user allows them, as said, to rely on you as a gateway and implicitly hide their real location. It is worth mentioning that the VPN solution comes with support for all sorts of devices and can run not only on desktops but also on servers and mobile phones.

On an ending note, Wirelends is a lightweight program that lets you hide your real location without connecting to its own servers, but by resorting to a friend or colleague’s PC. Minimal configuration is required in order to unlock its potential, and sharing your Internet goodies is possible in the blink of an eye.

Despite its simplicity, the program does not raise any security issues since you are in full control of the permissions you entrust other users with.

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