Some time ago screensavers were mainly used to keep old monitor types healthy by constantly running colors to refresh resistors. Nowadays they only serve the purpose of displaying visually appealing slideshows and animated effects. To enhance an existing collection, WireWorld 3D Screensaver simulates a journey through the inside of a busy machine with lots of cables.

It comes in a lightweight package with its own installer so it can properly integrate inside the default Windows screensaver library. What’s more, the screensaver settings panel is automatically brought up after setup is done, with WireWorld 3D Screensaver already selected as the item to run.

The screensaver benefits from all default configuration options such as the possibility to adjust time, and whether or not to display the log-on screen when resuming from playback. A preview can be initiated, but there’s also a dedicated set of configuration options for general behavior and effects.

With the settings panel up, there’s the possibility to pick a custom resolution from a drop-down menu, or rely on desktop settings. Sound can be enabled, as well as a FPS counter. Powerful computers can efficiently process motion blur and depth of field, each with a set of adjustment sliders for smoothness, resolution, blur and depth of field distribution.