WiSE is a user-friendly and efficient software solution created to help you monitor your WLAN, specifically who is accessing your WiFi connection, allowing you to block individuals you do not recognize.

In what concerns its appearance, the application is quite accessible and easy to handle, resorting to a tabbed interface to separate its main sections.

As such, you can display general information in the ‘Overview’ tab, adjust WiSE’s functioning parameters from the ‘Configuration’ section or learn more about it from ‘Statistics’.

For the program to work properly, you need to launch it using your administrator rights. Subsequently, it will begin analyzing your network, in order to determine which devices are connected to your WLAN, listing them in the lower part of its window, so you can discover more information about them.

By clicking on the icon of any of the connected devices, you can learn its type (‘Computer’, ‘Mobile’, ‘Router’, ‘Switch’), as well as its MAC and IP address. If a device name is not available, you can input one yourself. Similarly, you can run a ‘Ping Test’ and determine its response time or you can ‘Block’ it.

From the ‘Configuration’ section of WiSE, you can choose the network adapter to work with, or generate a random MAC address for it. At the same time, the utility enables you to ‘Isolate’ your network, making it inaccessible to others; this can come in handy in public spaces.

All things considered, WiSE proves to be a practical and useful application which assists you in keeping a close eye on the devices that connect to your WLAN, being able to prevent unwanted individuals from taking advantage of your Internet.