Working with media files require you to have several applications installed on your computer that allow you to process music and video you need to use in various projects. One of the most important tools that should not be missing is one that cuts media files into pieces you can later combine, just like WM Splitter.

The main window of the application is home to all necessary features. These include and are not limited to a preview section to help you out when handling video files, a timeline as well as a few other.

One of the main advantages is that you can load nearly any type of media file to be chopped, because of the wide variety of formats supported. These can be added through the file menu or simply by dragging them over the main window.

The user interface is intuitive enough to allow you to accommodate even if new to media file splitting applications. You need just drag markers on the timeline and have bits saved one by one or all together. Additionally, available fields let you precisely input the exact start and end time of the process.

For further ease of access, the application features integrated hotkey support. From the options menu, you gain access to a list of functions that can be activated using a combination of keys, letting you entirely forget the mouse.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that WM Splitter is a handy utility to have whether or not your work implies managing audio or video files. It supports a large variety of formats so that it minimizes the need of conversion, and the implemented hotkey support only make it a pleasure to work in.