WMAResizer is an intuitive and easy to use software that enables you to re-encode audio files in order to modify their size and make them suitable for other environments. You can resize large files for CD ripping or re-encode a small WMA for a higher quality playback.

The program is capable of re-compressing WMA files to lower or higher bitrates, depending on the outcome you seek. Lower bitrates shift the balance of playback quality – size in favour of more convenient size, while higher bitrates imply a better sound.

The software enables you to select from a wide range of bitrates, in order to obtain the optimal size for your WMA files. You can choose from a minimum rate of 32 kb per second to a maximum of 320kbps. The resulting files’ size may range from a ratio of 50% from the original to five times the initial format.

You can easily compare the original file size to the new one thanks to WMAResizer previewing feature. It specifies the output file’s exact size, in kilobytes, as well as in percentage points. The application can create a simulation of the result, so you may peek at the sound quality, before you decide to re-compress the file.

The Preview window enables you to listen to the original file compared to the new, re-encoded one, so you can adjust the bitrate before you process the WMAs.

You can easily add individual files to the processing list, or load entire folders, scan subfolders and select the length of the preview. The software can render a preview of 5 up to 49 seconds. For more suitable compression, you may save the output as LITE.WMA or otherwise select the classical WMA.

WMAResizer comes in handy when your audio files do not fit your needs, and you wish to resize them. Whether reduce their size or enhance it, for high quality playback, WMAResizer offers you useful tools for file re-encoding and enables you to preview the result before processing the songs.