WMV to MPEG Converter is an app with a pretty self-explanatory name: it converts Windows Media files to the more largely-used MPEG.

The software comes in a simple, clean interface, with intuitive buttons. The layout brings to the center of attention the list of files to be converted.

As far as customization goes, the app allows you to fiddle with some of the settings. Firstly, you can choose the path directory where your output video is saved. Secondly, you can decide whether to keep the same width and height settings as the original file, or modify these to a custom combination.

The app then lets you choose the MPEG version (1 or 2) you want to use for converting your WMV files.

Furthermore, the program enables you to modify the framerate and video bitrate. In addition, you can change some audio settings, such as channel, bitrate and frequency.

WMV to MPEG Converter supports another function, called batch conversion, which basically allows you to alter multiple files in the same session. This applies the same settings to all the queued files.

If you change your mind about the files you want to convert, then you can remove either of them by simply selecting the one you want. Also, clearing the entire list is just as simple; this can be done with the push of a button.

All in all, the software is easy to use and intuitive, while the interface is quite simple to figure out. This should enable all types of users, no matter what their level of expertise is, to run this program.