Word & Character Count Tool is a reliable program designed to help users who need to quickly determine the number of words or characters in a particular text. The tool allows you to import text files or to type the sentences directly into the designated space. This feature makes it suitable for writing texts with word/character limit.

Word & Character Count Tool is simple to use, features a friendly interface and offers you alternative options when it comes to adding text to the box. You may import a text file, if the sentences are already saved or you may manually type in the words. Additionally, you can easily import text from clipboard.

The program can determine any type of characters, including digits, letters, punctuation signs and spaces. The counting parameters include determining the number of words, characters, with or without spaces, sentences, paragraphs and various types of words.

Word & Character Count Tool can detect difficult words, unique words, as well as short words, which feature less than 5 characters. All these special parameters can also be determined in real time, while you type or as soon as you import the text.

The program can estimate the text’s readability level according to the Dale-Chall method. This score can determine the complexity of the text and the required educational level in order to easily understand it. The scores indicate texts that can easily be understood by users from 4th-grade students to college graduates. The formula is based on the number of words, difficult words and sentences.

Word & Character Count Tool can also calculate the average word and sentence length. This makes it a suitable tool for practice or thorough verification of theses or various other academic writings. It can also come in handy in less official situations, when the number of words or characters is still a requirement.