Having the ability to sift through data in an efficient manner can make a big difference, especially when dealing with large volumes of information. When it comes to text format information, extracting particular strings can be done in various ways, and Word Files Data Extractor Tools was designed specifically for such purposes. Thanks to straightforward data input and extraction processes, it will allow users to find the required text strings in no time.

Right off the bat, one will be able to see that the application is well-designed in terms of efficiency, as the interface and inherent layout promote easy operation through their simplistic demeanor.

What this means, is that one will be able to add files or entire directories of text files, as well as preview any identified text strings immediately after the files have been added. This is a major plus, as users can quickly select one of the two standard search criteria, namely email addresses or phone numbers, and the application will automatically return any data of such format.

When it comes to the actual filtering capabilities of the application, users will be able to only select two text formats, namely DOC and DOCX. This is the only filtering capability and all other search criteria are controlled via a special expression field.

For novices or those who aren’t accustomed to constructing queries for searches, the expression field might be a tall order, as there are no other, GUI-based ways of adding custom search criteria.

If you value efficiency and wish to find text strings in your Microsoft Office documents in a fast way, give this straightforward app a try.