There are various methods through which information can be kept safe. One of the most commonly used methods is passwords protection which can be applied to nearly anything when it comes to computer documents and services. Luckily, if you manage to lose a password, applications such as Word Password Recovery Lastic give you a helping hand, more specifically with Word documents.

The application takes conveniently little space on your desktop, packing all of its features in a compact, polished window. Password related info is either displayed in a list or accessed for individual documents.

To add an item, you need to use the dedicated tool and browse through your hard disk drive, with no possibility to simply drag the document over the main window. Additionally, you can use an integrated search engine to quickly import all items in a specific directory, but you cannot provide queries for proper sorting.

Hitting the “Crack” button is enough to get the process going. Unfortunately, in order for the task to be completed successfully, you need an active Internet connection. Encrypted data is run through an online processing unit, giving back the actual password within seconds.

The application is able to retrieve info for restrictions imposed for accessing, modifying, document protection, as well as VBA projects. You can easily copy entries for each field to be inserted in other documents. Unfortunately, there's no exporting option and it would have been useful to save decrypted data at least to a text document.

Furthermore, you can opt for increased security using a password so only you can access the application, since it saves data upon exit. What's more, you can set up a proxy connection in case you're worried that data leaves your computer while decrypting.

All things considered, Word Password Recovery Lastic is a handy tool to keep around when working with an abundance of classified and protected documents. It saves all decrypted password so you quickly have access to them, and even though it's missing an export file and is dependent of an Internet connection, it's a practical way to retrieve lost or forgotten passwords.