The Markdown language, alongside with Markdown editors have become the tools of choice for web writers, as they streamline the process of text to HTML conversion to a great extent.

WordMark is a modern looking, cross-platform Markdown editor that aims to offer you the best compromise between overall simplicity and advanced, under-the-hood features.

You can start the application in practically no time as it does not require installation: just unzip the package and launch the app via its executable file.

Upon first laying your eyes upon its main window, you are met by a simple main window that might leave you thinking that the app's user interface is quite barren. This is not at all the case, as everything is thoughtfully designed to offer a calm and distraction-free writing environment.

With just a few clicks here and there, the app can display all your working files on the left side of the main window and can offer a clear view of how your text is going to look like thanks to a head-to-head preview feature that splits the main window into two equal parts.

As expected, the utility comes with Markdown syntax support, multiple languages, a useful and almost self-explanatory 'Focus Mode', spell checker and a couple of useful and customizable themes.

Getting down to its more advanced set of features, you should know that WordMark also enables you to connect to image and video hosting services like Imgur, Amazon Webservices, Flickr and QINIU.

In addition, the application makes it easy for you to publish your web writings by enabling you to connect to online, website creation platforms such as WordPress, Ghost, Medium, Evernote and even to the most popular Git repository hosting platform, GitHub.

Taking everything into consideration, WordMark is an efficient and modern-looking, text to HTML conversion tool that offers a novice-accessible writing environment and packs some advanced and useful features

Clearly, it is not the most feature-packed Markdown editor of them all but it is well-equipped to handle the needs of both beginner and more experienced web writers out there.