Wordsearch Activity Lab is an effective and very easy to handle piece of software developed to offer you the means of creating personalized word search activities, suitable particularly for language acquisition classes.

After a rapid installation process, you can launch the program and get started, first by creating a username, under which all your files will be saved.

You can then click on the Wordsearch Activity Lab icon in the middle of the screen and the working window of the application will appear, allowing you to begin building your word list.

In order to build a word list, you simply need to input the terms you want to use, one item per line, and type a title to save them under. You can add as many entries as you like, afterward moving to the ‘Step 2’, where you can choose the grid size, specifically the rows and columns, the minimum number being 4 while the maximum is 32.

‘Step 3’ consists of managing the directions of the word search, enabling you to decide whether items can be positioned diagonally, upwards or backwards. In addition, you can limit the amount of times a direction is used, so as not to make the activity too simple or too complicated.

Before clicking on the ‘Create Word Search’ button, you can opt to ‘Show Solution’. The generated image is displayed in the working window, for preview, allowing you to ‘Print’ or ‘Export’ it. At the same time, you can choose to solve the word search within the application, being able to ‘Re-Make’ it, if it is too difficult or you want to have another go.

In conclusion, Wordsearch Activity Lab is an efficient and reliable utility that can successfully assist you in creating fairly large word search games, enabling you to integrate only the terms you need and decide the display direction.