Wordsearch Creator Pro is a simple to use application designed to help you create wordsearch puzzles, then export them as images or documents for printing and solving on paper. The software enables you to create multiple custom border designs, as well as word lists, then it automatically generates the scrambled letters.

Wordsearch Creator Pro is designed to help you create wordsearch puzzles, that you can solve on the computer, within the software or print the boards and play them on the paper. The purpose of Wordsearch Creator Pro is to generate both fun and educational puzzles that train your attention and response time.

You may customize the puzzle board in any way you wish, insert blank squares, traps or obstacles. The software includes several shape templates that you can apply to the board, but you can easily create your own pattern, based on the desired level of difficulty.

You can easily create lists of words that you wish to insert in the puzzle. The software can automatically place them into random positions, directions or reading styles, amongst other letters. Thus, the words on the list can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally and can be read normally, from right to left, even from down to up. The puzzle is also designed to train your insight and focus skills.

The software allows you to create a list of banned words, that cannot appear on the board or anywhere else to be seen. You may easily add unwanted words to this list, by typing them in black font, on black background. It is a simple security measure, that does not allow any user to view which words are forbidden.

Once you created a puzzle, you may solve it on the computer or print it in order to distribute it to students, friends or family members. You may easily save the project as a file supported by Wordsearch Creator Pro, export it to Microsoft Word or copy it to clipboard as a picture. The puzzle board is also customizable, since you can adjust its size and number of squares and change its difficulty.