Working Title LinkMiner is a handy add-in for Microsoft Word that helps you conduct a more thorough research for links included in your documents.

The purpose of Working Title LinkMiner is to help you evaluate the reliability and value of all hyperlinks in your document, saving you the time needed to open a browser and pate the URL manually.

Provided an Internet connection is available, the add-in can navigate to the corresponding webpages, enabling you to read about various topics without leaving Word.

Working Title LinkMiner scans your document in the attempt to find all the web links it contains and displays them in an organized manner, enabling you to access the linked URLs using the integrated web browser. Alternatively, you can open the links using the default web browser directly from Word.

The analysis results can be easily filtered and limited to hyperlinks, e-mail addresses or FTP links. Working Title LinkMiner can automatically remove duplicates, if needed.

A research tool is not complete without a note taking function, so Working Title LinkMiner comes with a notes pane that can be displayed next to the built-in browser for easier access.

Working Title LinkMiner is a handy tool for anyone who works with Word documents on a daily basis. It provides a convenient way to work with both offline and online content, enabling you to perform Google searches inside your document and manage all the links within the opened Word file.