World Clock is an intuitive piece of software designed to offer you the means of learning what time it is in any city or country on the Globe, useful particularly if you are in the habit of making calls outside your timezone.

Subsequent to a brief installation process, with no noteworthy events, the program launches automatically in your system tray, where you can access it by right-clicking its icon.

From the notification area menu, you can ‘Add New Clock’ or ‘Change Hotkey’ for hiding and showing the clocks on your screen.

In order to add a new clock to your desktop, you need to choose the timezone from a drop-down menu with a series of predefined options. It features quite an extensive array of locations, enabling you to find the one you need in just a jiffy. By default, it displays the name of the corresponding city or country, but it can be changed.

All the clocks feature a rectangular shape, which cannot be modified, showing the current hour and date. However, you can adjust its size, background and font color, transparency level, whether to show seconds or the time format you prefer (26 hours or 12 hours). If you are working with multiple clocks, you can align them vertically or horizontally.

World Clock has a fairly self-explanatory role, as it only shows you the date and time in various parts of the Earth, but features no additional functions, such as alarms, time converter, calendar or similar components.

In summary, World Clock is a useful and easy to understand application that you can resort to whenever you want to keep informed about the time in other regions of the planet, being able to display multiple cities and countries simultaneously.