World Cup Checker 2014 is a lightweight and intuitive piece of software created for soccer enthusiasts who wish to keep a close eye on the rise of the Brazil World Cup contenders, enabling them to track any change and even place bets based on the preliminary results.

After a quick installation process, users can launch the program and begin analyzing the status of the game, as World Cup Checker 2014 displays all the formed groups and the results of the matches that have been played up until the current moment.

The application’s interface is far from impressive, yet it features a fairly functional appearance, making it easy for users to visualize a wide range of teams, organized by their corresponding groups, and learn their latest results, all in a single window.

World Cup Checker 2014 displays an ongoing countdown in days, hours, minutes and seconds, up until the final match, allowing users to know how long before they can find out the definitive outcome of this year’s soccer event.

Users can view the competing teams for each group, along with the date and time of their scheduled match, also displaying the results of the games that have already been played out, along with the number of ‘Played’, ‘Won’, ‘Draw’ or ‘Lost’ parties, as well as the ‘Goals For’, ‘Goals Against’, ‘Goals Difference’ and ‘Points’.

Moreover, World Cup Checker 2014 displays the ‘Round of 16’ matches, gradually calculating the ‘Quarter Final’ and ‘Semi Final’ participants, and the teams that will be playing ‘Match For Third Place’.

The results are updated in real time from a server, so users will need an Internet connection in order to be up to speed with the latest developments. The data can be exported to RTF or BTW format, enabling users to further analyze or print it.

To conclude, World Cup Checker 2014 is an interesting and easy to use utility meant to help soccer fans be on top of all the matches and results, allowing them not miss a single important event in the Brazil World Cup.