As its name implies, World Heatmap Creator aims to help you generate geographic heat maps in a quick manner.

Heatmaps display information about a specific parameter value using color codes throughout a regular map. Aside from being visually appealing, these statistical instruments are capable of representing large data sets in a simple manner.

Keeping all that in mind, you should know that World Heatmap Creator cannot exactly generate those beautifully-looking heat maps you see online, as that would involve it to be much more complex than it is. Instead, the application creates a world map in HTML format and marks all the locations you choose.

World Heatmap Creator displays a drop-down list of all the countries in the world, storing a specific location for each.

You have to select the desired locations and add them to your list alongside the corresponding latitude and longitude. If you decide to modify the two latter parameters, you will get a custom location on the map.

The generated HTML map is saved locally in a user-defined directory so it can be opened using any web browser, not just the default one. You will notice that all the locations you previously selected are marked with a colored circle similar to colors on a heat map.

Even though World Heatmap Creator does not actually create heatmaps, it can be of use in situations when you need to mark certain locations on the map where the value of a parameter is noticeable. For instance, you can use it to generate a map of locations where a certain event has happened (for example, virus attack outbreaks, product sellouts, or other similar events).