Let's imagine for a second that you're currently embarked on a large-scale Internet research, and you're going through tons of websites and references with each passing hour.

Having said that, it should also be quite easy to imagine how tracing back your steps in order to find a particular article you've previously skipped can become nothing short of a nightmare, especially if all you remember is something you've read within it and not the website or the domain.

Well, good news, as you can now supercharge your browser's ability to locate and "recover" previously visited websites with the help of an extension called WorldBrain's Memex which is available for both Chrome and Firefox.

In this review, we're going to focus more on WorldBrain's Memex for Chrome, even though both extensions are quite similar.

Right off the bat, we're going to highlights that one of the extension's main advantages stems from the fact that it allows you to retrieve previously visited websites using any word or expression that you remember reading.

In addition, you're also provided with the possibility to filter the results to a high degree by time, bookmarks, domains, and even various tags. And that's not all since you're also able to pause the indexing for any given period, as well as blacklist URLs and domains.

We're sure you'll appreciate the fact that this well-thought-out extension also offers smooth Chrome integration. Not only can it import and process the history and bookmarks already existing in your browser, but it also sports a neat mix of user-friendliness and unobtrusiveness.

This becomes apparent if you opt to perform a quick Memex search directly from Chrome's address bar by using the W+Space key combination.

In conclusion, WorldBrain's Memex for Chrome is definitely a very interesting and useful extension that's well worth having around especially if you're the type of user who does a lot of online research on a daily basis.

In short, it allows you to search your browser's history for anything you remember, right from Chrome's address bar.

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