WOW is the right choice, if you are looking for a superb sounding filter plugin which contains an intuitive modulation system and brings you perfect vowel sounds.

With WOW VST plugin you'll be able to enhance the sound quality and give it a new dimension!

Here are some key features of "WOW":

■ 12/24db Highpass

■ 12/24db Bandpass

■ 12/24db Lowpass

■ Comb Filter

■ Band Reject

■ Band Crusher

■ LF Crusher

■ 2 Vowels can be mixed via Cutoff Control, with all available filtertypes.

■ Vowels: U, UE, O, OE, A, A:, AE, E, I

■ Envelope Follower (can work frequency-selective)

■ LFO (can be retriggered by the audio signal)

■ Step Sequencer

■ Modulators can be mixed in the parameters rightclick menues and can modulate each other.

■ Overdrive

■ Mix Control: Mixes between filtered and original signal

■ Master Control: Final level


■ VST host

■ 1Ghz CPU,

■ 128 Mb Ram


■ Timeout after 30 minutes and 30 days

■ No saving

■ No recall (Settings will be saved with the song file, but the demo wonґt recall them. The fullversion will load settings, made with the demo.)

■ Buy me! message