Editing and enhancing videos used to be a task reserved to computer professionals only.

However, using a dedicated app like VideoMarkup, all users can improve their clips, even if they are not experts.

Since the only way to download and install this application is via Microsoft Store, you first need to make sure you have a compatible account.

Also, the latest versions of the newest operating system are typically supported.

The application comes with a straightforward graphical interface that makes it very easy for you to load the video you want to enhance. Unfortunately, only MP4 files can currently be used as the source video.

Next, you can effortlessly select, position and resize whatever element you want to add to your project.

You can start by overlaying some shapes (circles or rectangles) or adding a PNG or JPEG image.

You can also insert note boxes or subtitle boxes that feature the color you like best. If you want a simple text box, you can also add it.

A nifty function of VideoMarkup is that you can customize numerous parameters for the sections that contain text.

As such, you can change the font type and size, as well as color or text alignment. The text formatting can also range from bold and italic to underline or strike-through.

You can also tamper with the level of opacity, the padding and the border width.

To sum things up, VideoMarkup can help you boost the looks of your videos by adding elements, aligning them to the video edges or altering their default characteristics. No technical knowledge is needed to fully enjoy the functions of this application.