WriteItNow offers an organized method for writing stories, such as novels. It sports many tools that should be appealing to aspiring writers and more experienced ones alike, who prefer digital technology over traditional writing methods.

The interface of the application is clean and intuitive, displaying a story sample at startup, in order to give you a better idea of how to work with this tool. You can also look into a thorough help file.

With the aid of a standard and familiar word processor, you can write an overview, create chapters and details for each scene, as well as build personalities for your characters and connect them through family, personal or other relationships.

Furthermore, you can write events, manage locations, input notes and ideas, mention references, manage submissions, as well as get a visual perspective of relationships, events and story conflicts through graphs.

WriteItNow provides users with many tools, such as a story board, word counter (for each aforementioned category or everything ),  story readability function (to find out the appropriate reading age of your audience), and for writing targets.

You can also create a random character, use and edit prompt sets, use a global search and replace function, as well as view words ordered by frequency. Other options of WriteItNow let you enable an autosave feature, edit the main and user dictionary, configure a spelling checker, and set up export parameters (e.g. use smart quotes, customize the cover page).

WriteItNow runs on a high quantity of system resources, has a good response time and performs smoothly. It may take a while to get used to working with its working environment, but it's pretty complex, providing writers with all the necessary and suffice tools for writing a story and keeping track of their progress, so they can easily retrace their steps and undo any mistakes.