Writr is an intuitive and useful piece of software created specifically for devices running for Windows 8.1/10 as an operating system, enabling you to keep a diary while also exploring the corners of your mind by answering various questions.

The application features a very clean and straightforward appearance, making it easy to handle for anyone, regardless of prior experience with such tools or with keeping journals in general.

The retractable menu enables you to access ‘Past Entries’, ‘Bookmarks’, ‘Calendar’ and ‘Tags’, so you can re-read previous thoughts whenever you feel like it.

Writr poses a series of random questions which aim to evoke a certain state of mind or some of your memories, enabling you to explore your inner self, in a more structured fashion, one may say, rather than stare at a blank screen.

The utility encourages you to express what you think on various topics, allowing you to focus on subjects which otherwise may not even cross your mind. Typing the answers down can help you realize certain things for yourself.

Nonetheless, you also have the possibility of adding independent entries, giving any title you want and writing shorter or lengthier pieces of text. The ‘Bold’ and ‘Italic’ styles enable you to emphasize certain aspects in the block of text, while the ‘Calendar’, ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘Tags’ assist you in organizing your entries. Moreover, the ability to set a password which can protect the contents of your diary can be essential.

To conclude, Writr for Windows 8.1/10 is an interesting and quite user-friendly program that can prove appealing both for experienced diary writers and for novices, who wish to get started but never knew how.