wtfast is a Gamers Private Network (GPN) designed to help optimize the connection data so that you experience no latency or ping while playing online. Unlike a VPN service, the GPN does not mask or change your IP address or network settings.

The setup is a quick and straightforward operation that does not required too much attention from your part. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a small window where you can find the game you want to fix the ping for.

You can either use the search box and type the name of the game you play or browse through the letters as they are arranged alphabetically. Either way, you the Play button does not become active until you select the game.

You should bear in mind that the optimization options are set on automatic by default. The system is based on machine learning and the tool automatically selects the ideal traffic path for your connection. Nevertheless, you can create a better server route if you prefer, as the program supports custom settings Among the network settings you can count enabling connection exclusions, force automatic multi-server connection, enable manual multi-server connection or disable Nagle algorithm.

Granted, it can be argued that the game connection is also influenced by the local network settings along with the hardware. Not to mention the type of Internet plan you are using since for example, a Wi-Fi connection is known for having a lower speed compared to Ethernet and that it can be interrupted by other signals.

Then again, according to the developers, the greatest impact on the performance and game connection is the way the data travels over. And this is where wtfast comes in to provide a lending hand for enhancing the game connection end-to-end automatically or using your custom settings.