Creating backup of important documents and files can be a good idea, as you never know when hardware problems might occur. X-Backup is a small tool that can be quite useful.

The program has a simple interface and a clean layout, so it should be easy to figure out.

The app can back up all types of data to any kind of device, including hard disks, external USB hard disks, writable CDs and DVDs, as well as online.

You may choose what type of backup job you want to perform. It’s possible to choose between several important areas, such as the disk drive, certain folders, files or emails, as well as “My Documents”, “My Pictures”, “My Videos” and “My Music” folders.

You can choose to encrypt the files or to apply exclude or include lists of various items from the computer. A default target location may be defined as well, as well as one for the second copy.

You may also use the program to restore the backups or to synchronize two different directories, including the sub folders. The program can open various types of archive files and backup items.

The bottom line is that X-Backup is a nice program that can be quite useful to have on the computer. Inexperienced users shouldn’t have any troubles while installing and customizing the app, thanks to the intuitive layout.