In case you are required to handle two email addresses at the same time, it can be difficult to switch between them, especially if you need to stay on top of different contacts. In addition, you can easily make mistakes and send out messages to the wrong people.

XCross Drag is a software utility that enables you to avoid these problems by allowing you to drag contacts from one address to the other and synchronize both of your accounts. Hence, you are easily able to work with two mailboxes, especially if they happen to share most of the addresses. Furthermore, you can also view extensive information about every person, such as full name, company and phone number.

If your address books are very extensive and you are confronting with a large number of contacts, the application enables you to quickly search and sort them according to your preferences, in order to find the person or company you are looking for. They can be sorted by their first name, initial or nickname, as well as in ascending or descending order.

Besides the already mentioned sorting and filtering options, the applications also allows you to view the available group types, where the contacts are stored. These include coworkers, family or friends and you can rearrange them according to your preferences, by dragging the desired contacts into the groups of your choosing.

Moreover, the items can be deleted as well, in case you have any contacts that have no further use and they clutter your address book for no reason. To delete them, all you have to do is to drag-and-drop them to the built-in recycle bin, where they are permanently removed from both of your email addresses.

All in all, XCross Drag is a useful application that delivers a decent amount of features and allows you to easily keep the address books from two separate email accounts synchronized with each other. In addition, once you login, the user interface is very intuitive and straightforward, especially thanks to the friendly drag-and-drop interface.