Xiklone Music Replicator is designed to help users duplicate their playlists. The resource can also make limited file conversions.

The utility can potentially benefit all users that keep audio libraries and wish to create clones of their music folders. Thus, it can be a very powerful backup utility for directories that host playlists. Given the limited conversion possibilities, it can also be effectively employed in order to generate alternate playlists, with better or lesser quality songs.

Xiklone Music Replicator features a simple and easy to understand GUI that allows replication with just a few mouse clicks. If conversion is required, browsing the side panel tabs is strongly recommended, as it allows users to customize the quality of output files.

One of the better aspects of this resource is that it allows users to load multiple files with just one mouse click. Given the fact that the program can target entire folders, users can simply batch convert their entire multimedia library. Since these collections can be quite large, the batch file processing capabilities of this tool can be very useful!

Another notable feature is that users should not worry about unsupported formats, as the program automatically discards unrecognized formats from the processing queue. Once the replication jobs list has been loaded and a destination folder has been chosen tasks are automatically started and the program works in the background.

Limited conversion operations can also be applied on the source folders. Supported formats are OGG, MP3 and FLAC and users have the option to adjust the channels and sample rates, as well as the quality of the output file.

Summing up, Xiklone Music Replicator is a simple solution for anyone looking for a quick method of creating audio folder duplicates.