Xilisoft DVD Copy is a powerful application developed to help you seamlessly burn DVD videos to disc and copy full-length DVD movies to the hard drive. It can be used even by less experienced users.

The app is wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface from where you can check out the director, artist, studio, release date, genre, provider, disc size and main movie size of the DVD clip you have inserted or mounted from an image.

So, you can preview videos in a built-in media player and either copy the full length or just the main movie of the DVD. Customizing the DVD movie can be done by editing the volume level (optionally skip the menu and play) and by selecting the angle, audio track and subtitle language.

Burning a DVD video to disc is similar in its simplicity. All you have to do is specify the movie source between disc, image file or DVD folder and select the target (disc, DVD folder or image file), along with the writing speed and number of copies, in order to initialize the burning session; you can also set Xilisoft DVD Copy to automatically fit the clip to disc (4.7 GB or 8.5 GB).

From the 'Settings' area you can specify the default directory for the temporary files, as well as make the app automatically reduce video quality in case there is not enough space available and to automatically check for updates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Options can be restored to their default values.

The DVD processing program requires a high amount of system resources to finish a task. It supports multiple languages for the interface, includes a help file and allows you to specify a post-task action (e.g. exit program, turn off computer). We haven't encountered any problems during our tests.