There’s quite a lot of things you can do with a collection of pictures. Apart from uploading them on your social network profile in different albums, these can serve as presentations, or different slideshows. What’s more, applications like Xilisoft Photo DVD Maker help you create a multimedia album to run directly from media discs.

As the application’s name might suggest, the main resource here are pictures, and these can be loaded either through drag and drop, or using browse dialogs for individual pictures, or content of an entire folder. As soon as a picture loads, it’s place on a timeline, with the possibility to drag it around to set position in the slideshow.

There’s a preview area which lets you take a look at all changes as you perform them. There are no picture editing options, apart from a few orientation settings, such as mirror, rotate, or auto rotate according to slide overall configuration.

The application bundles all your pictures into a slideshow, which changes frames at fixed time intervals. A video player is required to run the final product, as well as a CD/DVD for a proper experience. On the other hand, you can simply export to ISO with custom quality configurations, in case you want to burn to CD later on.

A settings panel is constantly there to help you adjust a few general timing, and album options. Timing is configured in milliseconds, with two fields for frame, and transition duration. Apart from pictures, the application allows you to add an audio layer as well, either one, or more songs, which can also loop in case of a large presentation.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Xilisoft Photo DVD Maker helps you create a slideshow presentation with pictures of different types, and audio layer for an enhanced experience. Editing is incredibly easy, with a preview, and timeline area to help visualize and make quick fixes.