Ximagic GrayDither is a powerful graphic plugin that integrates with various photo editors and can help you control the conversion of images to grayscale. Most editors do not offer advanced options when turning pictures to gray tones, resulting in low quality images, with distorted light levels.

Ximagic GrayDither offers you advanced, multi-level dithering options for turning a colored image to black and white or reducing the color saturation. For example, you can turn any raster image into a black and white bitmap pictures with 2-level grayscale.

The plugin allows you to apply one of the several automatic conversion methods, based on input settings. Thus, you may set the colorspace: RGB, CIELab or YCbCr, or adjust the tone level. A low tones’ level indicates increased sharpness, while high levels allow you to remove the noise in the images.

Ximagic GrayDither allows you to set the dithering method - random or patterned process. You may select one of the fixed patterns, import a custom one or define new parameters on the spot. Moreover, the error dithering can be controlled by setting the propagation percentage, method and queue size.

The supported error dithering methods include Riemersma, for space filling curve and Ulichney, Floyd-Steinberg, Jarvis or Sierra for the array type. Moreover, you can enable the post processing, in order to use the direct binary search (DBS).

The plugin features a preview area, in which a segment of the picture is displayed in full size. You may easily switch between the original and filtered pictures, in order to observe the changes, as well as zoom in on the image.

Ximagic GrayDither can easily integrate with a large variety of photo editors, including Adobe Photoshop, Computerinsel PhotoLine, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Corel Painter, Adobe Fireworks, Xara Designer or ArcSoft PhotoStudio. It can extend the image dithering capabilities of the editors, for high quality grayscale image conversion.