XiPodizer is a digital signal processing tool that applies different apodization techniques to reduce the pre-ringing in audio files. The application can process one or more standard resolution recordings and lower the effects of the unwanted echoes before and after transients, which might be generated by steep antialiasing filters.

Relying on apodization, an optical filtering method to change the shape of the signal, XiPodizer can suppress pre-ringing by sacrificing a small part of the audio bandwidth. Please note that post-ringing is not affected by XiPodizer, but the result is a more clear sound that is less disturbing to the trained ear.

The application comes with support for some of the most popular audio formats, such as WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, and MP3. You can load the input files manually or by dragging and dropping them into the main window.  As for the output, the application supports WAV, AIFF, and FLAC files.

All the files are shown in a table, along with their sample and bit rates. The integrated player enables you to enjoy the music while configuring the application's settings, which are located in the same window.

There are multiple apodization methods, so you should take the time to get into the matter and understand to what extent each modifies your original files. The compression level is also customizable, and the name of the files can be created following a pattern.

To ensure a higher conversion speed, XiPodizer features multi-threading, which allows several input files to be analyzed at the same time.

XiPodizer limits the bandwidth of the original audio signal, causing it to reduce pre-ringing effects. Using a high-precision audio engine, it promises to remove the unnatural impulse response that is created during the analog to digital and digital to analog conversion. A suppressed pre-ringing means a higher audio signal quality.