Working as an audio engineer usually requires you to perform various tasks in order to improve the sound quality, whether it's replacing gear or using sound optimization software.

One of the applications that can help you greatly enhance the sound quality for various audio tracks is XiSRC.

XiSRC is a handy application that allows you to increase the sound quality of audio files from your computer in an intuitive manner. It comes with a minimalistic user interface that encompasses straightforward functions, thus providing you with high overall accessibility.

However, since this application was designed to help advanced users, such as audio engineers, to increase the sound quality for various files, novices might find it difficult to understand certain functions.

You can rely on this application if you need an efficient way to enhance the quality of your audio tracks by adjusting their sample rate to a more appropriate value or converting them to other formats.

Doing so can be achieved with minimum efforts, as you only need to load a supported file within the application and fine-tune the parameters, according to your needs. Among the customizable values, it is possible to find sample rate values, bit resolution, dithering, output format and compression level.

Aside from loading your files traditionally, by clicking the dedicated Load button, you can also drag them and drop them over the main window, as this application features support for this function.

More so, you can switch between multi-threading and single-threading sample rate conversion modes, according to your preferences.

To wrap it up, XiSRC is a powerful application that can help you enhance the sound quality of your audio files by converting their sample rate to more suitable values. It comes with a minimalistic user interface that incorporates straightforward functions. However, given that it aims to help advanced users, such as audio engineers, its functions might not be as accessible to novice PC users.