You’ve almost certainly stumbled upon an XKCD comic at least once while browsing the web, as it always seems to be possible to find one that is relevant no matter what is being discussed.

XKCD Explorer is a UWP application that provides you with an alternative method of browsing this extensive collection of comics. It can display notifications, allows you to search for content and even offers helpful explanations.

If you are a big fan of the web comic, this application should be right up your alley. It doesn’t alter your browsing experience too much, and it has the advantage of being compatible with all your Windows 10 devices.

XKCD Explorer allows you to do away with your web browser when searching for and reading comics, and it can also generate links that you can share with others.

If you’ve found a particularly funny or interesting comic, you can add it to your Favorites to make sure you can always find it whenever you run into a relevant discussion.

Of course, some XKCD comics can be somewhat more difficult to understand, which is why an entire wiki has been dedicated to explaining them. This application allows you to access these explanations with just a couple of mouse clicks, a very useful feature indeed.

There isn’t much that can be changed about the user interface, but you can choose between a dark and light theme, as well as modify the title bar and accent color.

All in all, XKCD Explorer is a great application for users who like to read XKCD comics, as it allows you to browse the collection from any of your Windows 10 devices without the use of a web browser. The interface is a bit basic, but it offers some interesting features, including the ability to view comic explanations.