The Internet is filled with all sort of software solutions that you could use in order to enhance features on your computer and make your work easier. One of such applications is XL Share Board.

It allows you to easily share text and images from your clipboard or files and folders with all of your networked computers. It is cross-platform and will work with any Windows or Mac OS X computer on your network.

The application takes almost no time to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can use its features. It automatically scans your network and finds connected computers.

It works on multiple platforms, not just Windows and it has lots of neat features packed in a nice and colorful graphical interface.

You can try XL Share Board free for 30 days. If you wish to continue using it after your 30 day trial has expired, you must purchase a license online. The share list shows all the items that are being shared on your computer and every other computer on the network running XL Share Board.

You can double click on an item to copy the text to your clipboard or save the file. Drag and drop files that you want to share inside the list. You can transfer files between multiple computers, including folders.

Type in the text to find in the search bar and XL Share Board will automatically show all the text entries that contain that text. You have the option to make some adjustments, you can save all text items into a single file, disconnect your computer from the network or check out available connections.

You can also adjust the transfer and broadcast port, bind broadcasts to a specific network interface or adjust the total number of clipboard items to track.

All in all, XL Share Board is a very nice application that you could use to share clipboard files across multiple computers connected to your network.