XLaunchpad is a versatile shortcut manager, allowing you to create scenarios that provide quick access to the resources you use most often.

Having a utility such as XLaunchpad by your side is necessary, as it manages to save time and increase your productivity by shortening the time you’d normally spend on searching for a certain file or folder and giving you instant access to it.

Although there’s no shortage of such utilities on the software market, there’s something about XLaunchpad that attracts and we’ve identified that feature as being the unique design, which appeals to your senses from the first acquaintance.

It continuously sits in the system tray, without bothering you from your tasks. It responds when you need it to, as a single click suffices to access the launcher.

By default, it includes shortcuts to common sections of the computer such as the Control Panel, the Recycle Bin, Internet Explorer, My Documents, My Computer and Network Connections.

However, the beauty comes from the fact that you can add much more than a shortcut to a folder or file, allowing you to create quick links to web addresses, the desktop, your browser oh choice, as well as to operations such as shutdown, restart, logout or sleep.

The Desk Mode feature allows you to keep it in sight while working on the computer. Therefore, it provides access to the taskbar, which allows you to stay focused on projects while having it close by.

As far as the level of customization is concerned, there are a few perks worth exploring; you can modify its layout by adjusting the size of the icons, as well as by setting the number of icons per row and the distance between rows.

All in all, XLaunchpad can save a great deal of time by providing shortcuts to the most used computer resources that can be neatly arranged into custom scenarios.