While still used by some companies, printed product catalogs have several disadvantages: they are difficult to share, mistakes or offer changes require re-printing, and solid digital design skills are required to create their beautiful pages.

Aiming to offer a modern alternative to the printed catalogs, Xplore can provide assistance in creating simplistic, yet compelling digital catalogs of your company's products, regardless of their nature. Not only that you can send your business offer via email or other similar means, but you can easily make changes to the catalog without printing hundreds of pages all over again.

At first launch, Xplore welcomes you with the startup wizard, which allows you to create a product database for your catalog. It comes with a few predefined business types (restaurant, coffee shop, jewelry, computer shop) and a few products for each, but you can also add a custom business and build up your product offer from scratch. To keep all data neatly organized, Xplore prompts you to create several product categories, then enter the name of every product in a list.

There are two modes Xplore can be used. By logging in as an admin, you have access to the product database and can make modifications, while a viewer can only browse the catalog in fullscreen.

Xplore enables you to manage all the categories and add new ones, and attach images to beautify your catalog. For each product, Xplore can store information about its unique code, a short description, its price and discounts, the stock level, and three images. The generated catalog contains all these details presented in a well-thought fullscreen layout with comfortable navigation tools.

Xplore can help you generate reports containing products or entire categories, which can be forwarded to the team responsible for supplies.

A virtual catalog can be of great use when you have clients abroad, but it is not enough to seal the deal. Selling is all about the product's presentation and the way you manage to make potential customers feel like that product is exactly what they need.

The advantage is that you get to share the changes in your offer much faster and remove discontinued or unavailable products, to avoid the unpleasant situations that might occur.