If you want to keep an eye on your broadband usage and are on the lookout for an approachable application to assist you in the process, taking XStentor Meter for a spin could be a good idea.

The program can offer various statistics without interfering with your workflow, thus managing to address a large portion of the public, what with its easy-to-configure GUI.

First things first, you should know that installing the application is a breeze and should be something even inexperienced users could handle.

The application comes with a normal and mini view mode and lets you analyze the toll the upload and download tasks you carry out take on the network traffic, with a graphic showing all the fluctuations.

Apart from that, the highest and lowest values your network registers along with the average can be revealed so that you can make an idea about how data migrates from and to your computer.

Even though essentially the program remains on the lightweight side, it does provide you with a series of configurations options you can fiddle with. Sporting a two-tab structure, the “Configuration” area enables you to indicate whether you want the XStentor Meter window on top, launch it at Windows startup, or have it boast transparency.

Aside from that, the app can manage your network adapters, offering various details about the network flow, the IP addresses relying on it, the DNS, DHCP, and WINS.

As for the reports the program can generate, it must be mentioned that general, monthly, and annual statistics on your bandwidth consumption can be created for each network connection in part, with the possibility of exporting them to Excel for later use.

On an ending note, XStentor Meter is a lightweight app that keeps an eye on the amount of data you download or upload as well as the general network flow so that you always stay informed. The program can create reports for further analysis, with the GUI you interact with being intuitive and easy to navigate.