Xvirus Personal Cleaner is an easy to use application that enables you to keep your computer clean from unnecessary files and auto-run applications. The purpose of the utility is to help you keep your computer clear from clutter, as well as to protect your privacy. It can also manage startup applications.

Several applications can create temporary files, registry entries and other history logs, that can take up too much disk space. Keeping unnecessary files on your computer can result in cluttering, slow system boot and an overall encumbered computer performance. Xvirus Personal Cleaner allows you to clean junk files from your computer and keep you system clean.

The app can scan your system in order to detect these types of items and clean them on demand. The detected files can be temporary documents created by applications or websites, cache items, cookies or history logs.

Xvirus Personal Cleaner allows you to customize the type of files you wish to clear from your computer, as well as specify the internet browsers installed on your system. For instance, if you only use Internet Explorer, you can reduce the scanning duration by un-checking the other browsers. The tool can easily erase websites' history, cookies, cache or recent temporary files.

Moreover, it can easily scan and fix registry entries such as app information, locations, settings, shared DLLs, drivers, fonts, help files, history logs or sound events. Additionally, you can enable the software to prompt the automatic scan when the system is idle. It can optimize the startup process, perform disk defragmentation, remove shortcuts, uninstall applications or display system information.

Xvirus Personal Cleaner is a capable application designed to help you keep your computer clean and optimize its performance. You can also fix registry entries, defragment disks and remove unnecessary, junk files. You can clear cookies, cache, history and temporary Internet files, in order to protect your online privacy.