In the same way that Floppy Disks, CDs, DVDs have already become much a part of yesterday's life, it is now the turn of USB drives to slowly but steadily meet, if not their end, their decline, since more and more of us now turn to cloud storages and file sharing services.

This said, XXL Box is a user-friendly piece of software that acts as a client between your computer and the XXL Cloud platform.  As you have probably guessed, the utility makes it possible for you to upload, synchronize and backup data to a secure cloud server.

As is the case with most cloud-based services, you are initially required to create an account. The credentials of this account are universally usable on all of your devices, since XXL Cloud features companion apps for desktop platforms such as OS X and Linux, as well as for mobile-based ones like iOS and Android.

After a quick installation, the app smoothly integrates itself with your computer Taskbar from where you can access the app's primary or Settings windows, disable or enable the auto-sync feature or shut down the app altogether.

Upon making eye contact for with the app for the fist time, you might feel that its user interface is a bit rough around the edges but we have to point out that everything works and responds just like it should, without any delays or glitches.

Feature-wise, the app is not what you would call innovative, but it does make significant steps towards making collaboration and sharing content with friends and co-workers a bit easier. Your uploaded files are encrypted end-to-end and all of your data is stored on cloud servers from different locations.

What is more, you are provided with the options to choose which folder should or should not be synchronized in real time and to share files either publicly or privately by password protecting them.  It is worth mentioning that you can also create groups to make file sharing even more accessible to a more secure environment.

You should know that once a file from a synced folder has changed, it is automatically stored with a new version alongside the previous one. Also useful is the fact that XXL Box enables you to decide for how long you want to keep the revisions of your files and documents.

Lastly, the program allows you to chat with your friends without having to resort to third-party apps. Simply put, you can exchange public or private messages with anyone who has an XXL Box account.

Taking all of the above into consideration, XXL Box is a useful app that offers accessible tools and a quick, secure and efficient way to store, backup and share data. It comes with companion apps for most relevant desktop and mobile platforms out there and with plans for the needs of both companies and individuals.