The tradition of making school yearbooks has been based on printed productions and carried by many generations. Thanks to modern digital products, you now have more options that let you capture and share touching memories with your colleagues and teachers.

Yeardisk Creator Suite is an intuitive and user-friendly application designed to help professional photographers and students alike to create amazing yearbooks with minimum effort. The app comes with support for Flash animations, spreadsheets, documents, images, sounds and clips.

The interface is modern and easy-to-use, consisting of the working area and properties panel. From the menu, you can run the slideshow creator and student group builder (which helps insert group image galleries). The project can be in the form of a notebook, cutout or opened book.

You have the choice to make a new project from scratch, which can contain multiple buttons, and choose the executed action for each. Every button can have a different name and can open an image, video, song, Flash animation or document. Plus, you have the option to load a rollover picture from the PC.

Yeardisk Create Suite lets you customize the look of the book by changing the background with a solid color or an image and setting a photo for the main menu. In addition, you can modify the project's title and subtitle, along with the displayed font.

It's possible to make a personalized slideshow with numerous slides and background sounds that can be embedded in the main project. The project can be previewed before burning it directly on a CD.

The bottom line is that Yeardisk Creator Suite is a useful program that comes in handy for both students and photographers to help them create beautiful yearbooks with interactive menus that can open group galleries, Flash animations, documents or clips.