Yeco is designed to change the way users interact with Ableton Live completely, facilitating live mixing sessions and allowing them to focus on creating great music rather than working on controlling the app.

It provides a multi-touch controller for Ableton Live, offering users the possibility to interact with the app's controls using their fingers rather than the mouse pointer. Yeco is compatible with Ableton Live version 9 and up, delivering an innovative touch interface for the popular audio editor and mixer.

It must be installed on the same machine as Ableton Live, provided the device comes equipped with a touch screen. To start it, one must select the YecoOSC from the MIDI Settings section in the Preferences window of Ableton Live.

Offering access to all the controls and options, Yeco enables users to configure the tempo, control automation, and use the integrated metronome, practically transposing the entire session from Ableton Live.

Mixing and mastering are not only possible with Yeco, but easier. Yeco features accessible volume controls, track meters to control audio levels, a crossfader, a pan slider, and track controls.

It also features a generous drumpad panel that can control sound velocity, outputting the sound to the selected MIDI channel. Aside from the drum pad, users get to use a modern keyboard with advanced options and MIDI controls, such as sliders, knobs, toggles, and buttons. On small screens, it is possible to zoom in the keys to play.

The HEX panel's layout makes it easier for anyone to remember musical chords and scales and learn transposition with the help of simple patterns.

Yeco also allows users to tamper with device parameters for each track, adjusting their levels or automating them. Other features include extended XY pads to help users control various parameters by sliding their finger across an X-Y graph.