People who run a business and require to collect information about other companies from the Yellow Pages website, might lose a lot of time if choosing to do this manually. Yello for Canada Professional Edition is an application that will provide users with an accessible way of extracting the preferred company contact information from the Yellow Pages website.

The application presents users with a basic interface that contains a classical two-section layout, where one will be able to view the queried search and the results respectively. People will be able to easily enter the Yellow Pages website, directly from the main window and input the required search criteria.

Keyword files are also supported and users can enter their own text files containing the preferred entries. The results can be previewed in realtime, as the search progresses, but the application’s interface cannot be resized. This might annoy users, since in order to see all the details for each entry, they will have to scroll horizontally.

After defining the preferred search parameters, the application allows users to refine their searches even more. They will be able to stop the record extraction when a particular number of records has been reached and remove duplicate entries.

The results can then be exported for handling in external applications and one can select either XLSX or CSV file formats. Proxy configuration is possible and one will be able to use a custom address or several proxies altogether. One useful feature offered by the application is its email extraction notification, that will allow users to easily know when the process is complete.

Those who need a quick and easy-to-handle utility for extracting contact information from the Yellow Pages archive, could have a look at Yello for Canada Professional Edition. It will provide them with a smooth handling and unhindered access to all the required information, through its customizable text string search. Featuring both basic features for the search itself or more advanced tools, such as its proxy configuration, it will address novice and experienced users alike.