When finding themselves in the developing states of their businesses, users who have started such initiatives might require to collect information about other companies. Doing this manually, by using indexing websites such as True Local Australia isn’t a practical solution. Yello for TrueLocal.com.au Basic Edition is here to provide an easy way of gathering all the required data about the contact information of the preferred companies.

Yello for TrueLocal.com.au Basic Edition comes packed with a plain interface that will surely not impress through its looks. However, using its typical search layout, one will be able to configure the search criteria in no-time and access the results with ease.

Through an internal browser-interface, people can access the True Local website and input their preferred search string. Demanding users can rest assured as the application also supports customizable text files with multiple keywords, therefore expediting the search process.

When running the search process, users will be able to pause / reset it and the application will offer them the choice of viewing the results in two modes. One will list them in a general, grid view and the other will provide a more in-depth, “info” display, where all the company information will be displayed in detail.

One advantageous feature offered by this utility is its exporting tool, which will allow one to easily migrate the results to external applications, in XLSX or CSV file format. In spite of its ease of use and efficient search action, Yello for TrueLocal.com.au Basic Edition does have some minor pitfalls. One of these is the fact that users will not be able to resize its interface, therefore not being able to view all the details for the search results without scrolling.

Those who are starting their businesses and require a quick and efficient way of gathering contact information about other companies, could count on this useful app. It will offer a minimalist interface that will be easy-to-use and it will provide access to the required information. Addressing both novice and experienced users, its basic search tools are accompanied by more advanced features such as the support for custom keyword text files or proxy configuration.