Yostress is a simple to use application designed to measure the level of stress recorded during your work at the computer and help you protect your health by indicating when it is time for a break. The software features a real-time stress detection system that estimates when your activity at the computer has passed a certain threshold.

Yostress can help you control your level of stress and protect yourself from its damaging influence. The software is designed to measure your activity on the computer, by monitoring the keyboard strokes, as well as the cursor movement and clicks. Thus, it can detect when the work has become stressful for you, based on the intensity of the activity. Unlike other break time indicators, that rely on a basic timer, Yostress can detect the real amount of stress generated by continuous work.

The software works silently, in the background and displays a small icon in the system tray. It looks like a small green flag at the beginning and it indicates that you can go on with your work. However, when the volume of work and activity increases, the icon can turn red, indicating that it is time for you to take a break.

Yostress can estimate when it is a suitable moment for you to take a break, based on your computer activity. When the keyboard strokes and cursor clicks reach a certain level, the software concludes that the stress amount is high and that you need a break in order to continue your work at a lively pace.

Thus, the application can turn its icon from green to red and display a message box, notifying you that it is time to relax. Taking short breaks from work is also indicated in order to minimize the risk of eye sight issues or muscle strain.

Yostress is a simple solution for you as an employer, since you can easily monitor your employees’ activity and stress level. The application is designed to help them relax, in order to optimize the work efficiency and minimize the heath risks implied by an every-day job, in front of the computer.