When you are running out of space on your handheld device, you might consider upgrading it or turning to less-demanding solutions, such as cloud storage services.

While extending your device's space can be rather expensive, relying on specialized software, such as younity, is usually a more efficient and money-saving alternative.

This application comes with a discreet design since it mostly runs in the system tray. However, it is also possible to open a couple of windows if you need to adjust certain configuration settings.

Although it does not provide you with an integrated help manual, it is possible for you to access the online support section if you encounter any difficulty.

It is possible that you share certain files between your favorite gadgets. Unfortunately, it only provides support for PCs and iOS devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad), thus limiting your possibilities.

After installing the application and registering your appliances, it is possible to specify files or folders on your computer that can be shared. Doing so allows you to access them from your other devices instantly.

Compared to other file sharing utilities, younity does not require you to download the content in order to enjoy it, but allows you to access it online, directly from its original location.

Since this application requires you to have an Internet connection, it is also possible to stream videos or audio tracks from the primary storage destination that you defined.

You can set the application to synchronize Adobe Lightroom and iPhoto libraries between your devices by toggling the dedicated features and locating the corresponding database files.

In conclusion, if you need a convenient way to share files between your computer and handheld devices, you can safely rely on younity. However, you should be aware that it only supports Windows, Mac and iOS devices.