YouTube Download is a simple, yet reliable tool dedicated to acquiring videos from the hosting website, in a short time. The software supports simultaneous downloads and allows you to select the desired video format and quality for your files. The application specializes in downloading videos only.

YouTube Download supports extensive file transfers, with up to 20 threads and it can even download entire playlists. All you need to do is import the video URL from clipboard, or simply drag it from the browser and drop it into YouTube Download. The transfer can begin automatically or on demand, depending on your preferences.

A small previewing area displays a thumbnail extracted from the video, indicating which file is currently being downloaded. If several transfers are active at the same time, the thumbnail corresponds to which video started first. Alongside with this thumbnail, the software indicates the activity log and how many downloads are currently active.

YouTube Download allows you to select one or more of the available quality settings. Additionally, you can set the application to only download the highest quality available, which matches your selections. Alternatively, it may download individual files for each format option you selected.

Moreover, you can enable or disable the automatic download start from the Settings window and monitor the contents of the clipboard. For you convenience, YouTube Download’s window may stay always on top or hide just like any other opened application. You may also set the folder for the downloaded contents. The software automatically saves all acquired content to this indicated directory, or a log file in case the download fails.

YouTube Download only features options for acquiring videos from the hosting website. In other words, downloading songs is not supported. However, considering the available formats for video downloads, they are suitable for playing on mobile devices, for embedding on other websites or for being rendered on your PC.