Entertainment of any kind is now widely available online through specialized services. Chances are there’s no download option on your favorite website. However, there are various specialized applications like YouTube Downloader NG with which to grab multimedia content under video and audio files formats from websites like YouTube.

It doesn’t take a lot of time before you get to take the application for a spin, because the installer is done before you realize. Needless to say that you need an active Internet connection to be able to grab any content.

The visual design is intuitive, with classic, but cool frames and buttons making accommodation a walk in the park for individuals of all levels of experience. Several tabs make navigation easy between the components like main, multiple downloader, and converter. More than that, the application automatically reads clipboard input, but you can also modify input yourself.

There are only two types of available input, such as MP3, and video under the MKV format. Furthermore, there’s the possibility to slightly tweak output quality by choosing the bitrate from a dedicated dropdown menu, as well as resolution settings when grabbing the video. A default path is configured, but you’re free to pick a different one through the browse dialog.

When downloading audio components, there’s the possibility to keep the video too. The multiple download tab functions in a similar manner, but allows you to add multiple links first. All sessions are handled according to the main settings in the single download tab. Speed is decent, but it mostly depends on your connection type.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that YouTube Downloader NG is a neat tool with which you can easily grab audio or video components from YouTube. One or more sessions can be processed at a time, while quality and output options make it possible to select the desired quality and path to save.