While there are numerous desktop and web-based applications that you can rely on if you wish to save YouTube videos locally, these are normally designed to help you grab individual clips, making them unsuitable for bulk download jobs.

YouTube Mass Video Downloader, on the other hand, enables you to find and save online videos by using a set of search and exclusion terms, as well as several types of filters. It is well suited for batch downloading, and it supports high-resolution videos.

The application does not require you to insert any URLs in order to download YouTube clips, as it is designed to search for content based on a list of terms provided by the user.

In addition to the keywords, you can supply a list of exclusion terms that serve to narrow down the results by eliminating videos that you are not interested in.

It is possible to only download live, 360-degree, 3D or 4K videos, as well as clips that come with subtitles and those that are distributed under the Creative Commons license.

Additionally, YouTube Mass Video Downloader allows you to determine whether the highest or lowest quality version of each clip should be saved, as well as define a custom quality threshold.

Moreover, it is possible to specify which file types should be preferred, such as MP4, 3GP, FLV or WebM. This step is optional, but some users may only wish to download videos saved to a particular format.

It is worth noting that you have the option of downloading videos using multiple proxy servers. The application can cycle through them in order, as well as pick a random one from the available ones.

All in all, YouTube Mass Video Downloader is a reliable software utility that enables you to save large batches of YouTube videos based on a provided set of keywords and user-defined filters.